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African Humanitarian aid and Development Agency (AHADA) is an indigenous, non-political, non-religious humanitarian organization founded in 2000, by Ethiopians drawn from a pool of multi-disciplinary professionals. The founding members and the core staff have long and proven experience in United Nations, NGOs and Government organizations. Project staffs of AHADA have excellent understanding of the refugees and local communities.

AHADA is governed by the Board of Directors, which consists of seven members. The Board of Directors which is the supreme managing organ is the highest decision making body. The Board appoints Executive Director who is responsible for the overall program management of the organization.

AHADA has been legally registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Justice in 2002. It has also signed operational agreement with Disaster Prevention and preparedness commission (DPPC). To this effect the agency has been permitted to carry out development programs in various Regional State in general and logistic and environmental development activities designed for the benefit of refugees and returnees in particular in collaboration with ARRA, UNHCR as well as other humanitarian organizations.

Whilst the agency is currently implementing HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Program in Dimma refugee camp, the UNHCR-RLO has been on process to explore potential and capable implementing partner to take over
Logistical operations i.e. workshop, warehouse and cargo trucks managements in Addis Ababa during the year 2005.
To that effect, AHADA has been requested if it would have the capacity and commitment to takeover the above-mentioned activities to avail the required service.

Following careful review of the AHADA’s 2004 to 2006 Operation Action Plan, the Board of Directors of AHADA decided to hold two more additional projects of which Logistical Assistance of UNHCR RLO is one. Proudly Design by : premium wordpress themes
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