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who we are

AHADA, a non Governmental Organization and its naming stands for “African Humanitarian Aid and Development Agency”. AHADA was founded in 2001 and has been registered & licensed by the agency by the year 2003 as an Ethiopian Residents Charity in accordance with the Ethiopian Charities and societies proclamation number of 621/2009.

African Humanitarian Aid and Development Agency (AHADA) is currently situated its Logistics operation offices in three major locations namely Addis Ababa, Dollo Ado and Gambela.  Addis operation has two offices that the first is in the center of the town as a main office for the management teams. And Kality operation is the second location within Addis with comprehensive facilities of workshop hangar for light vehicles & trucks, warehouses and office. In general Addis operation serves as the main hub for the country operation employing a well skilled 76 personnel.

Somali Refugee camped in Dollo Ado is the second largest AHADA operation site and being called Melkadida Log base that is structured to accommodate workshop service, warehouses for emergency supply stock, truck fleet & fuel operation and staff residents & offices. AHADA Melkadida Log base currently employed 62 operation staffs.

Gambela is the third AHADA operation site established for Sudanese Refugees. Gambela Log base is under construction for situating fuel station & workshop hence warehouse operation actively serving the refugees for distribution of emergency supplies. AHADA Gambela Log base will employ 43 operation staffs once the operation starts in full gear.

AHADA as a primary partner of UNHCR; is managing operation function and had been the technical back-bone on shelter production & fabrication of container office & residence.

In general, AHADA is assisting by providing optimized logistics and coordinating distribution for UNHCR operation country wide which entails assuming of full responsibility to maintain UNHCR light vehicles and trucks, the storage of Core Relief Items (CRIs), and the dispatch of CRIs to the various warehouses to refugee camps in Ethiopia.

In addition, AHADA is serving Jijiga, Shire and Assosa refugee camps under the umbrella of UNHCR by deploying 5 well experienced truck drivers with dedicated Trucks for water transportation as well as transportation service for distribution.



AHADA will be recognized as a leader in providing a coordinated Logistical operation support for under-served areas where refugees camped (reaching the unreachable) by implementing integrated warehousing, transport & workshop activities that are aligned with UNHCR commissioned refuges assistance program.


AHADA Ethiopia implements integrated program in logistics and supply operation aimed at improving the quality of lives and recovery of livelihoods of vulnerable populations through timely delivery of supplies to refugees resigning in Ethiopia, strengthening humanitarian institutions capacity on fleet operation and responding to emergencies..


AHADA will maintain operation program and strengthen sectoral proficiency and management to improve the quality and impact of a well-balanced program portfolio. AHADA’s primary objective is to provide assistance of logistics and operation support for UNHCR refugee operation in Ethiopia..