At AHADA, we offer an efficient transport and logistics support service. We understand that humanitarian logistics is crucial to disaster response and our aim is simple: enabling our partners to deliver relief items and aid essentials as quickly, reliably and efficiently as possible. The transportation management and logistics solutions AHADA provides, eliminates redundancy, maximize efficiency along the supply chain and ensures smooth operation of partner’s activities and delivery of services to the beneficiaries.

AHADA’s experienced in-house transport and logistics team can make a difference in times of urgency and no destination is too difficult for us. Safe movement of Core Relief Items, Non Food Items (NFIs) from warehouses to camps/settlements is our benchmark. We work handin-hand with our partners to ensure that the required goods are exactly where they need to be at the agreed time. We make it possible to deliver to hard-to-reach destinations, so that the survival commodities reach the intended beneficiaries at the right place, at the right time.

AHADA continually facilitates regular trainings and capacity building sessions to drivers and transport coordination and management staff and equip them with the necessary skills to ensure reliable and efficient transportation of required goods.

AHADA operates a fleet of truck and provides Core and Non Core Relief items transport services to refugee camps and required destinations on behalf of our partners. AHADA on behalf of partners, also manages partners fleets of heavy and light vehicles provides dedicated drivers and transport management staff to ensure the vehicles and transport resources are used efficiently to support operational activities
and transport relief items to the desired destination. Leveraging our Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service capabilities and expertise, we are able
to properly maintain and manage the partners fleets of heavy and light vehicles.