Humanitarian responses are very tough environments to manage projects. They change rapidly, and humanitarian organizations have to move fast, and information is lacking. AHADA believes that this means that project management becomes more important, not less. AHADA understand imperative to be more skilled, be comfortable with a bigger set of tools, and apply them appropriately and has built project management capabilities To support humanitarian response and development programs and projects , AHADA has built a strong project management expertise and working in partnership with donor and stakeholders can ensure partners programs and
projects are effectively managed form the initiating phase to successful closure Our capabilities and technical expertise range from assessment & analysis, planning & implementation, monitoring & evaluation, strengthening organizational capacity and change management. AHADA has also build strong expertise in grants and finance management in line with international accepted and donor standards and guidelines. Our project management support resources can help you manage and coordinate humanitarian response and development projects and programs and help realize the intended objective on budget and schedule.